Vintage Book Collection - Chutes & Ladders

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  • Full-sized vintage game board with graphics adopted from the 1979 edition
  • Vintage spinner with arrow
  • 4 “Frosted” plastic playing pieces
  • Instructions

This vintage bookshelf edition of the classic CHUTES AND LADDERS game is a terrific way for young children to learn about life’s ups and downs. They will get to climb the ladder of success to reward their good deeds, while having to slide down the chute as a consequence for naughty ones. The object of the game is to reach 100, but surely everyone who experiences the fun and lessons of this terrific vintage book edition will be a winner!

This collectible bookshelf edition features the charming graphics from the 1979 game, all packed in a stylish fabric-wrapped book that looks absolutely beautiful on display on your bookshelf! It is a timeless classic to be enjoyed by today’s children and everyone who is still a child at heart.

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