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Margaret Newman Pope and Charles Russell Robins Archer

October 14, 2023


Payton Rose Collier and Alexander Stovall Bullard

September 30, 2023


Carrie Bryant Egerton and Thomas Kent Masich

September 29, 2023


 Roxana Elizabeth Boyd and Andrew Garrell Keesler

July 29, 2023


Ashton Lee Creech and Floyd Cody Adams

June 10, 2023 


Hayden Louise Jones and Robert Paul Riesen 

June 6, 2023


Emily Adams Massey and Bennett Lammot du Pont

May 20, 2023


Catherine Lee Fonvielle and Cameron Chase Brennan

May 6, 2023


Margaret Ann Thurston and Brian Daniel Ouimette 

May 6, 2023


Mariah Leggett Woodbury and Trent Alexander Jones

April 22, 2023


Lauren Alexis Levings and Theodore Brett Hardeen

April 21, 2023


Caroline Victoria Page and Grant William Steadman

April 8, 2023


Frances Emeline Thorpe and Andrew Richard Jones

March 25, 2023


Thornton Claire Cornette and John Brewer Knox

March 4, 2023


Carolyn Nix High and Nathan O'Berry McElwee III

February 25, 2023


Catherine Joan LaFlamme and James Simmons Richardson

February 18, 2023


Marianna Mendel Baggett and Robert Benjamin McMurry

December 31, 2022


Madison Hall Mihle and Anthony Hart Stinson

December 17, 2022


Susanna Elizabeth Worsley and Robert Ardice Kerr

November 18, 2022


Sarah Catherine Gardiner and Jordan David Bronstein

November 5, 2022


Allison Grace Hollowell and Hubert Benbury Haywood

October 15, 2022




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