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 Gina-Robyn Elizabeth Burrow and Caswell Crooks Prewitt

May 3, 2025


Lydia Elyse Hall and Scott Cameron Sullivan



Alexis Christina Mearns and Jordan Alexander Caplanson-Torrens

November 10, 2024 


Chandler Page Skipper and Caleb Scott Norris

November 2, 2024


Kinsleigh Elizabeth Trice and Rohun Sanjay Shah

October 19, 2024 


Catherine Gray Coley and Thomas Eli Turlington III

October 12, 2024


Madison Elizabeth Pleasant and Ian Stafford Ballantyne

October 5, 2024


Emily Kathryn Evans and William Oliver Shelley

August 10, 2024


Ellyn Brooks Currie and Oliver Tyson Dodd

July 27, 2024


Madison Elisabeth Thompson and Keith O'Brian Noble II

June 28, 2024


Elizabeth Ann Donald and Andrew Steven Bird

June 1, 2024


Anna Caroline Huff and John Barker Squire

May 18, 2024 


Alexandra Pilar Puletti and Mark Steven Tinsley, Jr. 

May 18, 2024


Bailey Renee Pasin and Miguel Nicholas Santos

April 27, 2024


Anna Elizabeth Sipe and David Grayson Weatherford

April 26, 2024


Laura Austen Oates and Harrison Paul Marley

April 13, 2024


Julia Caroline Andrews and Haywood Franklin McDonald II

March 30, 2024


Mary Brown Taylor and Walter Lafayette Gray

March 9, 2024


Ashlyn Caroline Hazel and William Walter King, Jr. 

March 2, 2024


Louise Carter Northington and Walter Thomas Webb

February 24, 2024


Ashley Jennings Czufin and Luke Thomas Danko

December 31, 2023


Mary Grigg Fountain and William Dunn Meacham

November 11, 2023


Mary Holland Johnson and Patrick Christopher Ellis

November 4, 2023


Abigail Lee Myles and Harrison Whitmer Palmer

October 28, 2023


 Betsy Leggett Williams and Jesse Paul Weidemann

October 21, 2023


Rachel Marie Akin and Nicholas Alan Williams

October 20, 2023


Andrea Michele Gonzalez and William Olds Conn II 

October 14, 2023


Margaret Newman Pope and Charles Russell Robins Archer

October 14, 2023


Payton Rose Collier and Alexander Stovall Bullard

September 30, 2023


Carrie Bryant Egerton and Thomas Kent Masich

September 29, 2023


Georgia Borden Parker and Mark O'Connor Brumback

September 9, 2023



Want To Create Your Own Wedding Registry?

Protocol specializes in wedding registries. Our knowledgeable registry consultants have over 35 years of combined experience helping brides and grooms begin their lives together. We pride ourselves on the exceptional personal service we provide from the very first meeting with a couple to well after the wedding.

In addition to online registry listings and gift purchasing, as well as complimentary gift delivery options, our in-store gift tracking system and flexible return and exchange policies have earned Protocol a trusted reputation for wedding registries.