Living with John Video Blog

"Through this blogged series of video short subjects and commentaries, John Jordan shares what's on his mind when it comes to observations and how-tos for good living. From practical lessons and suggestions about caring for the things that feather our nests, to trends and inspirations that he sees popping up on the design and new product landscape, "Living with John" is a view inside the imagination of Protocol's creator and owner."

John: " Here is how we dress a bed at Protocol. I use the term "dress" simply to mean your concept or your idea. Unlike making the bed, which is a morning chore, we want to talk about how your concept comes to life on the bed..."

John: "This is the first installment of one in a series of blogs that I think you might enjoy and we're going to call it 'Living with John.' It's going to be everything about adding quality and richness to your life through my eyes, within my brain and probably through a lot of the resources we offer to you at Protocol..."...

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